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Computer forensics or digital forensics is a term in computer science to obtain legal proof found in digital media or computers storage. With digital forensic investigation, the investigator can find what occurred to the digital media akin to emails, hard disk, logs, computer system, and the network itself. In lots of case, forensic investigation can produce how the crime could occurred and the way we will protect ourselves towards it next time.

Some the explanation why we need to conduct a forensic investigation: 1. To gather evidences in order that it may be utilized in courtroom to resolve authorized cases. 2. To investigate our network power, and to fill the security hole with patches and fixes. 3. To get better deleted information or any files in the occasion of hardware or software program failure

In computer dfi forensics Inc., the most important things that must be remembered when conducting the investigation are:

1. The unique proof must not be altered in anyways, and to do conduct the method, forensic investigator must make a bit-stream image. Bit-stream image is a little by little copy of the unique storage medium and exact copy of the unique media. The distinction between a bit-stream image and regular copy of the original storage is bit-stream image is the slack house in the storage. You will not discover any slack house data on a replica media.

2. All forensic processes should follow the authorized legal guidelines in corresponding country where the crimes happened. Every country has completely different legislation suit in IT field. Some take IT rules very severely, for instance: United Kingdom, Australia.

3. All forensic processes can solely be conducted after the investigator has the search warrant.

Forensic investigators would usually looking on the timeline of how the crimes happened in timely manner. With that, we will produce the crime scene about how, when, what and why crimes might happened. In a big firm, it's suggested to create a Digital Forensic Workforce or First Responder Crew, so that the corporate might still preserve the evidence till the forensic investigator come to the crime scene.

First Response guidelines are: 1. Not at all should anyone, excluding Forensic Analyst, to make any makes an attempt to recover info from any computer system or machine that holds electronic information. 2. Any try to retrieve the data by individual mentioned in number 1, needs to be avoided as it might compromise the integrity of the proof, by which grew to become inadmissible in authorized court.

Based on that rules, it has already explained the vital roles of getting a First Responder Workforce in a company. The unqualified person can only safe the perimeter in order that no one can touch the crime scene till Forensic Analyst has come (This can be completed by taking picture of the crime scene. They can also make notes concerning the scene and who have been current at that time.

Steps need to be taken when a digital crimes occurred in a professional manner: 1. Secure the crime scene until the forensic analyst arrive.

2. Forensic Analyst must request for the search warrant from local authorities or company's management.

3. Forensic Analyst make take an image of the crime scene in case of if there is no such thing as a any pictures has been taken.

4. If the computer continues to be powered on, do not turned off the computer. As an alternative, used a forensic tools reminiscent of Helix to get some information that may solely be discovered when the computer remains to be powered on, akin to data on RAM, and registries. Such tools has it's special operate as not to write something back to the system so the integrity keep intake.

5. As soon as all live evidence is collected, Forensic Analyst cant turned off the computer and take harddisk back to forensic lab.

6. All of the evidences have to be documented, through which chain of custody is used. Chain of Custody keep data on the proof, reminiscent of: who has the evidence for the final time.

7. Securing the evidence have to be accompanied by authorized officer resembling police as a formality.

8. Back in the lab, Forensic Analyst take the proof to create bit-stream image, as original evidence should not be used. Usually, Forensic Analyst will create 2-5 bit-stream image in case 1 image is corrupted. In fact Chain of Custody still used on this situation to keep records of the evidence.

9. Hash of the unique proof and bit-stream image is created. This acts as a proof that original evidence and the bit-stream image is the exact copy. So any alteration on the bit image will end in completely different hash, which makes the evidences found turn out to be inadmissible in court.

10. Forensic Analyst starts to seek out proof in the bit-stream image by carefully trying on the corresponding location depends on what kind of crime has happened. For example: Temporary Internet Information, Slack House, Deleted File, Steganography files.

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