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For sure, Switzerland is without doubt one of the most beautiful nations in Europe. And Lugano is considered one of my favourite places to go to in Switzerland! I'll now let you might have some insights into my own journey experiences I made there. Hopefully, you may pick something up in your own journey to Lugano and can find out about all the things to do in Lugano in one day!

A mixture of cultures
I hear it a lot that people who travel in Europe like both, Switzerland and Italy, regardless that both nations are fairly different. The kinds of architecture, the food, the climate and especially the cultures are extremely different. So why not put the best components of both in one place? That’s precisely what you can count on in Lugano.

You will absolutely acknowledge the Italian affect – which isn't a surprise at all if you happen to take a look at the map shortly. Lugano is positioned directly subsequent to the Italian Border within the Italian speaking a part of Switzerland, called Ticino, within the south of Switzerland. Surrounded by the Swiss Prealps and subsequent to the "Lago Maggiore" (Lake Maggiore) the landscapes around the 9th largest Swiss city are absolutely outstanding. However I'll catch up with that later.

Seriously, not only do they converse Italian or eat Italian food, but they also have a very related architecture to Italian cities similar to Firenze or Rome. Logically you possibly can’t compare Lugano to this world-well-known places, primarily ’cause it's a a lot smaller and newer city. But it surely was clearly inspired by the old architecture of Italian cities and makes a trip to Lugano even more special.

Monte Bré and Monte San Salvatore
If you're focused on lovely views or taking spectacular images (okay let’s be sincere: these places are just beautiful!) I can highly recommend visiting the two best-known vacationer points of interest there: Monte Brè and Monte San Salvatore. Whereas Monte San Salvatore is accessible until late within the night (11.00 PM) the funicular up to the Monte Brè closes way earlier. It is usually possible to achieve the summits as a hiker. Nonetheless, I used to be lazy and used public transportation, which is super easy.

What are you able to anticipate there? Well, for my part, probably the greatest views in your entire Switzerland. For me, this is worth every hour and every cent you spend there! I also can give you an extra clue if you want to benefit from the sunset on Monte Brè. Due to the truth that the funicular there stops its service pretty early, it looks like it's a must to hike all the best way up. But there's a straightforward solution: Take the general public bus. It is perhaps complicated and the route is slightly bit crazy, but with the help of the "" app, you'll easily discover the station "Brè, Paese".

When you reached this point it is merely a 15-minute walk to get to a terrific viewpoint the place you can benefit from the moments of the sun going down. Additionalmore, it was fairly light as it is not an apparent way to get to this point in the evening.

Lake Lugano
While the two places talked about above were my absolute favorites, I also loved different things to do in Lugano. Significantly, just take a short stroll next to Lake Lugano, you will not get disappointed. Combined with good spring, autumn or even higher, summer season climate the time just flies away while strolling subsequent to one in every of Switzerland’s most beautiful lakes. A stroll next to the lake ought to be on every traveler’s list, even when visiting Lugano for one day.

Parco Civico
Also, be sure that to remain in "Parco Civico" which is situated next to the lake. I spent some time throughout lunch there, which was an ideal idea. Parco Civico is an ideal place to see in Lugano for eachbody that likes nature – or to just calm down after a day of exploring. It certainly is one of the things to do in Lugano in at some point!

Church buildings
Talking about Italian influence and architecture: The native "Chiesa" and "Cattedrale" (church buildings) are similar to their bigger brothers from Italy. These churches may not be as big or spectacular as their bigger counterparts in Italy, yet, they're completely value checking out.

Other things to do in Lugano Switzerland to do in Lugano
Solely because my time was restricted I missed some famous activities in Lugano, akin to "Parco San Grato" or one of the many boat journeys you are able to do starting from the Lake. They even handle to deliver you to Italy, if you wish.

Lastly not an insider tip, yet one of the places to see in Lugano: Just go for a stroll within the city middle, benefit from the ambiance, eat a slice of pizza (good joke, clearly I had not only a slice), attempt recent "gelato" (ice cream) and relax. A visit to Lugano will likely be utterly different than any other Swiss metropolis like Bern, Zurich, Basel or Lucerne, just to name just a few – but I’m positive you will see sufficient places to see in Lugano in one day.

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