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I've tried products before which promised fast weight loss and although I am aware that there is not any such fast manner for it and that I won't get back to my old fifty two-kg self in just 9 days, I nonetheless decided to provide C9 a go. Who wouldn’t want to lose a number of kilos, proper? And besides, I'm really after it's cleansing benefits.

I hope you will find this publish helpful, though please note that this is merely based on my personal experiences and I might urge you to not attempt anything without carefully thinking things by means of especially if you have underlying health conditions.

C9 stands for Clean 9, a cleansing program that's executed for 9 days. Forever Living describes Clean 9 as an "expertly-devised cleansing plan" designed to "cleanse your body and adjust your mindset" as the first step in transforming your food regimen and fitness habits.

The plan relies around Forever Aloe Vera Gel drink and supplements, as well as daily train and calorie-managed eating. For the primary days of the program, you aren't allowed to have meals. You only have to drink the aloe vera gel and take a number of tablets thrice a day, along with one fiber powder which may be blended with water or juice for snack, and a 300-calorie lean protein shake at lunchtime. For the remaining seven days, there's nonetheless the aloe vera drink, fiber powder, and tablets; plus you get to have shakes a day together with a 600-calorie meal.

Within the period of the program, you're allowed to snack on a number of "free meals" which are mainly fruits and vegetables which low glycemic index (all listed in the accompanying booklet). You possibly can mix these free meals into your shakes or eat them on their own if that you must do away with hunger pangs.

Day 1
The program came to me by surprise, I just acquired Mark's call and after that, he already introduced dwelling the kit the next day; so there's not a lot preparation for me aside from doing portion management in my meals consumption even before. If you're planning to do the program, I counsel you cut back on carbs and over-indulging no less than a couple of days earlier than beginning, to at the least prep your body up for the precise cleansing.

The primary day turned out pretty well, it wasn’t as hard as I thought. I did not really feel hungry at all probably because of the water consumption, though I wasn't able to complete the really useful 8 glasses; I think I only had 6. I did a few stretching but didn't complete a 30-minute workout. I walked to and from the grocery store, though, and used the steps instead of the lift, so I think that may count. :p

I had no points with taking the tablets, fiber, and protein shake, but it surely's a totally completely different story with the aloe vera gel. I just discovered the aloe gel a bit hard to take. It form of smelled and tasted sour, with a slightly gooey texture and a few aloe bits, it at all times makes me cringe literally after drinking. 4oz of it should be taken, however I only have 20ml measuring cups (from my cough syrups), so I had to take not less than 6 shots. It was one way or the other a blessing in disguise though since I do not think I can gulp all 4oz down directly! Be certain that to have it chilled too.

Surprisingly experienced no hunger pangs today. Yay! I additionally misplaced 2kg on the finish of this day, so double yay!

Day 2
This day went well, too. There were delicate cravings especially when I checked my Instagram feeds the place meals is everywhere. I still cringe with each shot of the aloe gel, however they have been more tolerable than before.

Did not get to track my water consumption when it comes to number of glasses, however I gulped down up to 3 refills of my 1L tumbler at work. I also walked to and from the grocery, did some stretching, and a couple of ab workout, leg increase, and squats.

There were gentle starvation pangs and a bit nausea, but nothing that I am unable to handle. Misplaced 1k on the end of this day.

Day 3
I used to be very excited for this day because I can lastly eat! There was a boo-boo, though. Just after I thought that I can already eat lunch, it seems that I cannot have it till dinner, once I logged my progress for breakfast.

Come time for dinner, every chunk felt magical! I can not remember what number of "aaaahhh"s I uttered while munching on almonds (15pcs), ground chicken with combined veggies, and tabbouleh. It felt like the best dinner I ever had. Hahaha!

No hunger pangs and nausea for this day. Lost another 1k at the finish of this day.

Days four–6
As of late had been all pretty related–there have been cravings especially when it is lunch time at the office–but an additional dose of chocolate whey protein all the time came in handy. However most of the time, I would just eat an extra mandarin orange at work and I am all set for the day. My typical dinner could be 1/four roasted chicken plus boiled broccoli or carrots or cucumber. Water additionally became my finest armor in preventing the hunger pangs which occurred roughly by night time on Day 4.

Weight remained the same by the top of Day 4, so I stopped checking my weight on the following days, to add as much as the thrill. The booklet also points out that it's best to check the weight initially and end of the program, since the middle parts would generally show weight gain or no changes at all.

I nonetheless continued taking the stairs instead of the lift. I also did an hour of boxing session on Days 5 and 6.

Days 7–9
I finished taking notes during these final two days but nonetheless kept on the each day routine of water consumption, 600-calorie dinner, and exercise. These final two days have been also when I felt energized probably the most, probably because I okaynew that I won't should dread the aloe gel anymore. Haha!

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