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id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> If you use Uber enough, you're bound to have a bad experience that made you give your driver a low rating. Maybe your driver keeps getting lost, maybe the car is dirty and falling apart, or maybe the driver won't stop caterwauling while you're trying to make a call. But did you know that you get rated, too?

If you've ever made a driver wait curbside while you took your sweet time leaving a building or gotten crumbs in the car, you may be an Uber offender. Obnoxious behavior on your part could land you with a low passenger rating behind the scenes, and that's not trivial. Drivers see your rating when you request a ride, and can ultimately pass you up if your tanked rating makes you look like a liability.

While you can only change your rating through good behavior, you can at least see where you stand. And knowing, my friend, is half the battle.

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Screenshot by Gordon Gottsegen/CNET Check your Uber rating

Step 1: Open the Uber app. You'll see a Menu icon indicated by three horizontal lines in the top left corner, tap the icon to pull up more options. Select Help then Account and Payment.

Step 2: Choose Account Settings and Ratings second from the top. This will bring up a few frequently asked questions and general how-to's. If you're curious, this section is worth exploring. But if you only care about your rider rating choose I'd like to know my rating. This will bring up a message that briefly explains how ratings work and gives you the option to submit a request.

Step 3: Hit Submit and after a second of waiting you'll see your rating out of a five star total.

If your rating is less than awesome

Sorry, only drivers dictate rider ratings (they also have the option to go back and change it) so the only way to improve your rating is by taking more rides with Uber and being on your best behavior. If you really want to reform, Uber lists a few ways to improve etiquette with your diver. You can start by giving your driver an accurate pickup location and putting away the snacks and smokes. So next time you're in an Uber, be sure to mind your manners. You'll improve your rating and make your parents proud.

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