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Tree pruning is a delicate operation but nevertheless necessary for safety reasons. In some cases, it is even made mandatory by law. When, why, and how often to prune? What professional to hire and what are the obligations to respect? Here are 5 rules to remember in order to successfully prune his trees.
With the recent the options widen up now.Prune at the right time.Tree pruning is not calculated lightly. To know when to prune your trees, it is advisable to be based on the age of the plants. If your tree is less than 10 years old it is advisable to prune it every year. If your tree is ten or older, pruning every two years is recommended.
Finally, the periodicity of pruning is reduced to every 4-5 years if your tree is 20 years old and every 10 years if your tree is over 20 years old.

Choose the right time of year to prune.

Choosing the right time of the year is also essential for pruning your trees because the season is an essential parameter that will affect their survival. Some trees will not be able to be pruned in winter during their vegetative rest, recent others will accommodate very well. For certain types of plants and according to the geographical location, it will be better to favor the autumn or the end of the summer. In all cases, spring remains a complicated season for pruning, the trees are raising sap, and their size generates large resin flows. To know when to prune, it is necessary to refer to the family of the tree (softwood, hardwood, palm tree, fruitier) the advice of a wise professional will know to you to indicate the best period for the pruning.

Pruning if Necessary

recent to prune has no meaning for plants. Indeed, pruning is not always necessary for the good health of a tree. Keep in mind that you need to prune if your trees pose a safety risk. For example, if they are very large and the fall of branches is a potential hazard. Also, think of the legal obligations which may lead you to undertake to prune. Pruning forced at the wrong time can have very negative repercussions on the health of your trees.Pruning Choosing the Right ProfessionalThe art of pruning is a complex science that requires specific material as well as the mastery of know-how and special techniques. Getting into the size of large trees can be dangerous, for oneself and for trees. In addition, beware of imposters who improvise pruners and can cause irreversible damage to your trees. To choose big , make sure that the company contacted has the necessary insurance and that it is correctly registered, think for that to control that the professional holds a number and professional liability insurance. You can also ask to see some of his achievements as a pledge of seriousness.

Ensure compliance with pruning legislation

The law strictly regulates pruning operations. tree service Thus, there are several specific cases. The rule is big regular maintenance of trees is necessary to ensure the safety of infrastructure, users and neighbors around. Thus, if you have a tree of more than two meters in your garden, the law requires you to maintain it at a minimum distance of 2 meters from the ground of your neighbors.

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